Friday, February 28, 2014

justin timberlake concert

This concert was over a month ago, but I finally got some time to go through the video to get some stills to post about it!  We went on January 22nd, and it was awesome!  However, I was really worried when we got there because we were literally in the top row, on the very edge of the stage.

See this picture? No one behind us!
I think the reason why we end up with not so great seats at these arena shows is because 1.) we're cheap, and 2.) we almost always buy on pre-sale and they only have certain seats available, typically.  
There was no opener, but there was a DJ that was really fun and kept us entertained until the show started.  
The first half of the show was really good, but then there was an intermission, which seemed odd for a concert like this.  I took the opportunity to get another pic of us.  Ya know, because I don't have enough of those already :-)
After the show started up again, we realized that the reason there was an intermission was because they had to rope off the floor sections and no one down there could go in or out because of this giant piece of the stage that raised up and rolled all the way down the aisles to the other end of the arena. It was very impressive
Eventually, it rolled on back down to our side and the show ended with so much energy.  Grins from ear-to-ear on these faces.
It was such an incredible show, and our seats actually didn't ruin it at all! He performed for almost three whole hours and we didn't get out until after midnight!

Leaving the show however, was not our favorite thing.  We parked in a lot that was pretty close to the arena, and they only released one parking lot at a time, starting with the farthest.  We sat in the parking lot, not moving, for an hour.  It had also started snowing during the show, which was beautiful, but the roads were basically an ice rink by the time we finally left.  

Luckily, Matt braved the roads and "slid" home while I slept, and we didn't get home until 2am on a Thursday morning.  He said it was probably better that I had slept because the roads were not fun and I would have just freaked out the whole time. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

capturing memories

If you haven't noticed by now, photos are a big thing for me.  The way a photo can make me feel and bring back memories is priceless, and we decided to take that feeling to heart and invested in a new camera.  We picked out the Nikon D3100 and coincidentally found it on clearance at Target! It was meant to be.
It was a larger purchase, but so far it has been worth every penny.  As soon as it came, Matt was taking pictures.
Then, over the weekend we had our best friends over for breakfast with their babies and Matt took these pictures.  Once I reviewed them, I knew that we had made a good decision in this camera.  And once I saw the look on my friends' face when they saw the photos, I was sold 100%.
I mentioned in this post that Matthew takes some amazing photos (and those he actually got with a point and shoot), but the truth is that he really enjoys photography.  Having this new piece of equipment will give him the chance to capture these moments we love so much.

As for me, I'm really excited to have the opportunity to take better pictures, but also really dreading it.  I'm not great at teaching myself how to use things, especially something with so many functions and buttons. So, we'll see how it goes.  Here's to better pictures on this little blog of mine!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

tapioca pearl in the house

After we went through all the drama of picking out countertops, we had to wait a few weeks for them to template our kitchen, and fabricate the counters.  Over this past weekend, we got all prepped for the install:
Matt got the whole backsplash off in about 15 minutes.  It was amazing.
 Yesterday was the Day.  Yesterday was Install Day.   

At around 12:30, two installers showed up and got right to work.  They brought all four pieces in,  glued/melted two of them together by the sink, sanded the seam out, got them all attached and even cleaned up any mess they made in less than an hour.  They were really great and I was very impressed.

Warning: Don't judge me for my clashing appliances, the unfinished cabinets, and lack of a backsplash.  Try to appreciate the counters themselves and not their surroundings. :)
The caulk/glue they used made my whole house smell like a nail salon...blah.
 And now for my amazing sink and faucet.  I'm in Love.
 P.S. Did anyone notice a seam?  You want to see where the seam is?
 Isn't that amazing?!? I couldn't believe it!

Now that the counters are in, we are going to get a few samples for a backsplash and move forward from there!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

night stand makeover {general finishes milk paint}

Back in December, I received an unexpected gift from General Finishes in the mail; they sent me these milk paints to try out.
General Finishes is the same company that makes the gel stain that I used on my Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities (here and here), and Entry Step/Bannister. 
I love their gel stain, so I was excited to try out their milk paints.  But, unfortunately I didn''t have anything to try them out on at the time.  I posted that Instagram picture on my Facebook and my friend Danielle said that the Evening Plum would be perfect for an old nightstand that she had been wanting to refurbish for her daughter's bedroom.
After some prep work, she got the nightstand all painted with some primer, the milk paint and a couple coats of poly, and here is the finished product:
 She also put this cute little liner inside the drawer.
 And the best part is that the color almost exactly matches the colors in her daughter's bedding and looks great in this little girl's room!
Thank you so much to General Finishes for sending me/us this paint to test out, and thanks to Danielle for sharing your pictures with me!!
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