Friday, December 13, 2013

taking our own christmas card picture

At the beginning of November, Matthew and I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather we were having, and setup our little tripod outside to take some pictures for our Christmas card.  I thought the weathered look of our back fence would be a really neat backdrop, so we setup the timer and got some great shots:
I really liked this next one at first, but can you say "awkward arm"?
 We even tried to get some pictures with the dogs, but they aren't the easiest animals to get to sit still for a picture.
Once Matthew grabbed the camera, he got some cute ones of me with the girls.
Don't look so happy, Bailey...
After going through them, we decided that this one was the winner.
The only thing I didn't love was the bottoms of our shoes...so I cropped them out...
 But then I just thought this was a little too cropped, so I found a sweet spot with just part of the shoes and we called this good for the card.
I headed over to Vista Print just to see what they had for Christmas cards, and I was pleasantly surprised.  They have tons of design choices and the site is incredibly easy to use.

Plus, they were pretty affordable! We settled on this design and ended up paying $21.99 for 50 cards, plus shipping!

 About a week later, they arrived on our doorstep, and we love them!
The best part was that we got our cards all done and ready to go before Thanksgiving, so no stressing about it in this house!!

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