Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a+k visit

Despite my lack of posting, I have been working on a bunch of things around the house, but nothing has actually been completed! I will get around to it soon enough, but right now I'm prepping for a garage sale this weekend, and then a whole ton of back-to-back house guests!

Since May was so crazy, I completely forgot to post these pictures from back in April when we got to see Aden and Kiva again.  They were in town, so we got to spend a few hours with them, which was so wonderful!
Happy Girl.
 She didn't even know how awesome she looked.

And, she was obsessed with the container the rolls came in.
 E.T. moment with Uncle Matt
 And it made a loud noise when you hit it...
Just look at that face
 Cute ladies!
 Fun with Aunt Em
 The dogs are always fascinated by Kiva
It was so great to see them, and we get to see them again at the beginning of July! Woohoo!

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