Thursday, January 31, 2013

diy key holder

Happy Thursday, everyone!  A few months ago, I helped my friend Alisa get her mudroom organized.  She didn't know how to best utilize the space she had, so I was able to draw up a design and give her a product list that she and her husband implemented on their own.  Check out this before, my proposal, and after:
Do you see that cute memo board on the left wall?  She made it herself and had some leftover fabric that she wanted to make a key holder out of.  I had seen a few cute key holder ideas, but she also wanted to be able to have a spot for a tube of chapstick.  So, I thought about it for a good long while, and came up with this:
It was actually pretty simple to make, just gather the following:

Fabric of your choice.
Shadow-box frame (mine was this one from Ikea for $10).
Small Hooks or cup hooks (mine were actually from an old jewelry box that I recently got rid of.  You could even use tiny little command hooks like this and poke just the hook through the fabric).
Embellishment like the little flower on this one, if you want.
Hot Glue

Start by removing the glass from your frame, you won't be using this. Then, remove the back of the frame and place on your fabric to cut with 1-2" on each side.
 Now, depending on what type of hook you have will detemine what your next step is.  If you have a small hook or cup hook like I used, you can hot glue your fabric and then attach your hooks.  I simply measured where I wanted each hook to put and poked a small hole through the fabric, and screwed them in.

But, if you are going to use the command hooks that I mentioned earlier, you will need to place those on the blank board first, poke the hooks through small holes in the fabric, and then glue the fabric down.
 Once you have your hooks and fabric in place, you can put the board back in the frame.  To keep it in place , I alternated the tabs inside and outside of the board to keep it in place.  Most shadow boxes have an extra piece inside the frame to keep the glass forward and the back in back, but I removed that piece to provide a little ledge for her chapstick.

See the tabs inside the red circles?  There is another tab where the blue circle is, but it's on the other side.
Depending on your frame, you may or may not have to paint the inside of the frame to match the outside. I had to do this with the Ikea frame.  Also, the hooks I used were a little long in back, so we had to nip off a bit of the thread in the back. 

Check out how cute this looks on the right side of her mudroom:
Just a quick note, if you have a space in your home that you need help organizing, but can implement yourself, I am now providing consultations! Feel free to email me at colburn.erin@gmail.com for more information.

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