Friday, January 11, 2013

dear matthew

Happy Birthday, my love.
In honor of your 24th birthday, here are 24 of the million reasons why I love you: 

1. The way you love me.
2. How you laugh when you really think something is funny.
3. The way you live your life, and are always open to God's plan for you, and us.
4. How stinkin' cute you are.
5. You are so supportive of all the crazy projects I have going.
6. For making me the happiest woman on the earth, and marrying me.
7. You always remember to take the trash to the curb on Mondays.
8. You dream with me, and make plans for our future.
9. You would eat steak everyday, if you could (just like me!).
10. You work so hard, and you are incredible at what you do.
11. You kiss me every morning before you leave for work.
12. You are so smart, it blows me away.
13. You are incredibly gracious, and don't get mad when I make silly mistakes.
14. The way you rock out to T. Swift in the car with me.
15. You have an absolutely amazing voice.
16. You worship with all of your heart, with that voice.
17. You are a family man.
18. You give the best cards.
19. You have great taste, and help me with decorating/renovation decisions.
20. You are a very good, safe driver.
21. That you say "Love town" or "Love town central" when we get off the phone.
22. You are super handy around the house.
23. You are always honest with me.
24. You are my best friend.

I love you very much, and can't wait to spend 80 more of these birthdays with you!

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