Monday, July 30, 2012

bye bye ugly trash can

We love our kitchen.  It's a good size, we've got a lot of storage, and its nice and bright.  But, you may have noticed our less-than-gorgeous trash can in past pictures of our kitchen.
No, that's not a snake in the picture, Roxy just has to try to be in as many pictures as possible!

Not only is this trash can ugly, but it also is super easy for the dogs to get into.  I would love to pretend that our dogs are perfect and we don't have this problem, but unfortunately it's not.  A great solution to this problem would be to get a new trash can to keep them out and to improve the look.  

We did a little bit of research and found the best trash cans to keep the dogs out is a simplehuman trash can like this one:
Oooh...Ahhhh.  It's a beauty isn't it?  We were sold, until we looked at the price tag...


That is so not happening.  We are cheap money-conscious, and this was not an option.  So, back to the drawing board we went.  

I remembered back to our cute little apartment in Austin where we didn't have a ton of space, and we kept our trash can in the pantry.  It was great!  It was out of the way, kept any trash smell out of the kitchen and we didn't have to look at our ugly trash can!

Here is what our pantry looks like:
Our tiny pantry is a silly use of space anyway, but we plan to add pull out drawers for better storage, and in the future when we need more space for bulk items, we are planning to add storage in the basement.
I cleaned out the space, and had to cut the caulking to pull the shelf out.
Ick! There is something about old caulking that really grosses me out! I ripped that shelf and the old caulking out and popped our trash can right in there.
Then, shut the door and no more trash can! Our door needs a face lift, but that is another project for another day.
And, now the kitchen looks so much better without that can in there!
That project took me less than 10 minutes and has been a huge improvement.  We're very happy with it, and we will probably put something else there, like a plant...any suggestions?

I hope your Monday is going well, and I will be sharing more updates and projects throughout the week.


  1. We have to keep our trashcan in a closet, counter cleared off, and baby lock our pantry's bi-fold doors so our beagle doesn't get into any food.

  2. I have a dead end counter like that and it looks so naked in my kitchen. I plan on doing this with that end:


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